Just another week in the Philippines

Since the majority of my family does not really know how to speak German, I figured now is the perfect time to write one of my blogposts in English. And I am pretty sure that you guys in Germany won’t have a big issue reading this so – win win.

Here’s a short explanation for all those, who don’t know, what I am even doing here in


My students just had their exam!

the Philippines (although I kind of have a feeling that everybody already knows. News in our family just spread like a wildfire, no matter where you are) but still, here’s the deal: I applied for an internship at the German Language School in San Mateo, where I am teaching the German Language to trained nurses. They’ll go to Germany eventually to start up a new life, with better chances for a good (maybe not appreciated enough), but at least a reasonable paid job. Retirement homes, hospitals and other constitutions are having trouble to recruit new qualified staff and the idea of educating ambitious nurses from abroad is a solution, that will hopefully work out longterm. So far (that program has been running for almost three years now) it’s a huge success and more and more constitutions show interest.

And I am part of this now. At least for a little while.

So, I’ve already been writing about classes, staying at AUP for one weekend and the crazy Christmas love of the filipinos which you can not escape from, if you want to live the normal life (actually all of that Christmas madness is just happening at the malls. If you avoid those, you’ll be fine).

Last week started off pretty casual. On Monday and Tuesday the government suspended classes due to transport strike, but still I found myself in class. I tried to fix the towers of photocopies that gathered around my desk and elsewhere. It took me three hours to sort these by topics and staple them. Wow, that was some time well spent. And it still looks like a mess.

On wednesday I was back in school and on Friday I scheduled a test for the A2 class. Unlike the B2 class, these students still got some work to do, they’re basically just starting to understand the language. But however I worked on a challenging test and hoped for the best to happen. I’d rather overthink that next time. According to the results it might have been a bit too much to handle. Let’s get there step by step.

As the weekend came around I visited another SDA church, which this time was located in Quezon City. It’s the church my Mum used to go to, the time she was living here around Manila. It was an English speaking church so I could really get into the message of the speaker (who by the way was a German).










I also finally had the chance to meet my family in Polillo, the island where my mum grew up.


Yeah.. this would look way better with just a little bit of sunshine

It’s a lovely place – except you stay there during rain season! Instead of spending a sunny day at the beach, I stayed inside and looked at the sky, crowded with heavy grey clouds ready to burst any minute. At least I had some good company! Ate Laden, my (sometimes only) friend from my early childhood here in the Philippines and of course Joshua and me, we had a good time together. We played cards, had some talks and challenged ourselves by eating „Berty Botts Every Flavour Beans“ (you know, the ones from Harry Potter, which have EVERY flavour, from cherry to booger and even vomit. Yeah, it was gross! It was fun as well. But mostly gross!)

All the rain could not stop us from visiting family and friends though. We even had a motorcycle to cruise around the town! Unfortunately our stay lasted for only two days and we had to head back to San Mateo. I was so happy to see or rather meet old friends and acquaintances! Since I used to go to Polillo, when I was a little kid, I just can’t remember all of those names and relations. SORRY! But it’s always a heartwarming experience, especially when they keep telling me about old stories from older days.



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